Handle Stress Like a Tree

Take the butcher's word for it ( image source )

Take the butcher's word for it (image source)

Stress is an inevitable part of life.

Managing mortgages, children, jobs, budgets, and figuring out what to watch on Netflix can be stressful.

But stress shouldn't always be viewed as something bad.

In fact, we should view it as something that makes us stronger.

Even just adopting this mindset can help us become more resilient and give our bodies the right environment to grow.

As Kelly McGonigal says, "How you think and how you act can transform your experience of stress. When you choose to view your stress response as helpful, you create the biology of courage. And when you choose to connect with others under stress, you can create resilience."

It's like looking at stress as a workout that will make us stronger.

And it will.  Look back at the last stressful time in your life.  I'm pretty sure you got through it.  You either did well or you learned a lot from it.  Both of those outcomes are positive.

so far you’ve survived 100% of your worst days

Still don't believe me that stress is good for you?  Take a look at trees:

"When plants and trees grow in the wild, the wind constantly keeps them moving. This causes a stress in the wooden load bearing structure of the tree. So, to compensate, the tree manages to grow something called the reaction wood (or stress wood). This stress wood usually has a different structure (in terms of cellulose or lignin content and more) and is able to position the tree where it’d get the best light, or other optimum resources. This is the reason why trees are able to contort towards best light and still survive loads in even awkward shapes. A contorted building like that would easily fall. The tree is able to grow in a more solid manner – thanks to the reaction wood."

So be like a tree.  Use the stress to grow stronger.

Donate to Save Our Trees

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