Running Analysis

Running is one of the most difficult sports to perform on a consistent basis.  Jumping from a single leg to landing on the other for thousands of repetitions takes great skill, strength, and endurance.  The high demand of running unfortunately can take a toll on the body and lead to many injuries.  

Being runners themselves (well, Aaron gives it his best shot), they know the last thing a runner wants to do is stop running! Fortunately, in our experience many of these injuries are preventable or easily resolved.

Having extensive experience with competitive runners in NYC (that’s about as Type A it gets), they have developed a comprehensive assessment to get you on the right track.  They will not only check the parts (physical assessment), but they will also check how the machine runs (running analysis).  In other words, we’ll find your weakest link in our evaluation and then do a thorough video biomechanical breakdown of your running gait.

We then offer coaching and drills to resolve potential injury risk areas and improve performance.

We are able to perform this assessment both in our clinic and remotely with videos.

Analysis Includes

  • Thorough treadmill video analysis (uploaded to private vimeo for your access)

  • Detailed explanation and copy of your local physical impairments as well as areas for improvement in running mechanics

  • An open discussion on cadence, foot strike pattern, running shoes, and recovery techniques

  • Specific exercises and drills to resolve dysfunctional movement