Movement & Sports Performance Enhancement

While every athlete must obtain a common fundamental level of movement efficiency, optimal performance occurs after refining the details.  Whether you’re looking to improve your performance, prevent future injuries, or just trying to move better, this is the place to be.

We perform various movement screens, functional assessments, and tests to provide a movement baseline.  Then we use a thorough high-level assessment to allow us to identify where your force leaks, weak segments, restricted parts, and overall movement flaws.  Through discovering each movement flaw, we are able to prescribe specific drills and exercises to not only resolve the local impairment, but to also ensure integration into full body movements.

Since each person has a unique movement signature, each evaluation is different and tailored to the specific individual.  However, we do offer specific assessment for different populations.  If you are unsure if we can tailor an assessment to your specific activity, feel free to contact us.

Look at the sidebar to the left for information on screens and assessments tailored to specific populations.