One-On-One Approach

Early in our careers we noticed there was a trending problem in healthcare - decreased quality of care as the result of attempting to maximize patient volume and profit.  This is a complex issue that is driven by a multitude of factors including decreasing insurance reimbursement as well as patient demand and financial constraints.  It isn’t necessarily the professional’s fault, it is the environment they are in.

We had the realization that the best way to control the environment and provide the highest quality of care was to create our own business.  We pride ourselves in providing one-on-one service, never handing you off to anyone else.  We see you through from evaluation to discharge.

Thinking Outside of the Box

In our experience, healthcare professionals are often bogged down by closed-minded approaches.  The moto “this is the way we’ve always done it” is applied to every patient like a cookie-cutter to dough.  They take a reductionist view of their patients.  Thus, leaving the patient with generalized and incomplete care.

Through countless hours of research, over 50 continuing education classes, experience in various movement practices, and experience in treating thousands of patients - we have realized every patient not only needs, but deserves an individualized plan of care and enough one-on-one time to implement it.  And this individualized care should not be dictated by the healthcare professionals or insurance companies, instead it should be dictated by what the patient needs.

Standard of care:

  1. We provide high-quality, one-on-one care that isn’t dictated by insurance or profit seeking owners.  It is dictated by what is best for the patient.

  2. We utilize a wide variety of techniques, theories, and evidence-based treatment to provide the services that each individual patient needs.