Health, Movement, and Wellness Consultation

Not everyone likes to wait until they have pain to make a lifestyle change.  Some people just want to live a better and healthier life.  If you’re one of those people, then we can help!

As Doctors of Physical Therapy and passionate health and movement enthusiasts we have developed a wide breadth of expertise.  Through research, continuing education courses, and clinical experience we have developed a successful practice in improving health and quality of life.  We feel that it is important that we attempt to use this knowledge to help others and improve the health of our nation one person at a time.

Our health and movement approach acknowledges the many variables associated with the human body as well as the complex interaction of these variables.  Significant improvements can be made by focusing on just 4-6 lifestyle factors.

The main 6 factors through which quality of life and health is improved are:

  1. Exercise & Movement

  2. Diet

  3. Sleep

  4. Mindfulness & Mental Health

  5. Social Interaction/Integration

  6. Substance Use

In addition to guidance regarding your overall health, we also offer maintenance exercise programs as well as group classes to improve movement quality and decrease risk of injury.

If you are looking to improve your health through movement or just looking to live a healthier life, we can help.

For a consultation on your health, movement, and wellness please give us a call.