Exercise: Renegade Row

The Renegade Row is a great core and upper body exercise to add to your workouts.

It’s asymmetrical, reciprocal, and focuses on proximal stability.

All that jargon means that it works a lot of muscles in a real life kind of way.

Keys to Performance

  • Don’t let body/trunk sway side to side

  • Keep spine in neutral

  • Make sure to push the ground away

If this is too hard try these regressions

  • Straight Arm Plank (further regressed would be regular plank or modified planks)

  • Widen Legs

  • Narrow Arms

If it’s too easy, get someone to check your form. If it’s still too easy, try these progressions

  • Widen Arms

  • Narrow Legs

  • Go Slower

  • Add an Unstable Surface

  • Increase Weight