Play Like a Raven in the Wind

Play like a Raven in the Wind. 

Fearless and flexible. 

The more challenging the conditions, the more open and playful they become.  

They don't resist the wind or stay away from it. They embrace it as it is.

The more intense the wind, the more they use it, the more fun they have.

The adverse elements make them stronger.

Though not from hardening and resisting. From softening and accepting

So we should be like a raven in the wind, and find a way to play within our struggles.

Inspired by Pema Chodron:

"The wilder the weather is, the more the ravens love it.  They have the time of their lives in the winter, when the wind gets much stronger and there's lots of ice and snow.  They challenge the wind.  They get up on the tops of the trees and they hold on with their claws and then they grab on with their beaks as well.  At some point they just let go into the wind and let it blow them away.  Then they play on it, they float on it.  After a while, they'll go back to the tree and start over.  It's a game...In order to exist here, they have had to develop a zest for challenege and for life. As you can see, it adds up to tremendous beauty and inspiration and uplifted feeling. The same goes for us."