Lighten Up for Muscle Hypertrophy

it doesn't have to be like this ( image source )

it doesn't have to be like this (image source)

Heavy strength training is difficult for many reasons:

  • requires great focus
  • takes time for movement preparation
  • is a slow, progressive, long-term practice
  • time consuming (set up, rest periods, etc.)
  • is dangerous when done wrong or poorly
  • can turn you into a bro

Plus, most of the general population isn't getting paid to take the risks of heavy strength training.

it's the struggle that makes you stronger ( image source )

it's the struggle that makes you stronger (image source)

Lifting Light

A recent study showed it's the struggle point, not the weight, that improves muscle hypertrophy.

"Our data show that in resistance-trained individuals, load, when exercises are performed to volitional failure, does not dictate hypertrophy or, for the most part, strength gains."

So instead of thinking in terms of weight, we should be thinking in terms of effort.


We don't have to risk our health lifting heavy weights to achieve a good workout.

Instead, we just need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, closer to failure.

In the words of Ronnie Coleman, "light weight baby!"