Be Kind


Be Kind

Kindness is not a personal characteristic.

It's not something we "are".

Kindness is something we have to practice.

In every situation. With every person we meet.

Kindness is something we have to continuously "be".

kindness in a time of crisis #hurricaneharvey ( image source )

kindness in a time of crisis #hurricaneharvey (image source)


Practicing kindness is something that is common among many religions.

From the Buddhist Eightfold Path to the Christian "WWJD" philosophy, kindness is a way of life.  

But you don't need to be spiritual to be kind.

It can simply be a matter of human rights, humanitarianism, or just the Golden Rule.

Or you could just look back to our early elementary days.  When we learned about the importance of not being an asshole. 

this kid is about to learn an important lesson ( image source )

this kid is about to learn an important lesson (image source)

What to Do

  1. Be kind
  2. Find the good in everyone you meet
  3. Give more than you get
  4. Use language bring positivity into the world
  5. Stop judging others
  6. Don't compartmentalize values (be kind to everyone)
  7. Avoid partaking in drama or gossip
  8. Practice gratitude (letters, journal, etc.)
  9. Don't be an asshole

Donate to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the lives of many in the Houston, TX area.

Throughout Texas, more than 300,000 people are left without electricity and billions of dollars of property damage was sustained.

The Hurricane and Tropical Storm set a record for most rainfall on the continental US, ever.

here are ways people have shown kindness in this time of crisis

Many good samaritans rushed in to help others

People are rescuing pets

The Cajun Navy

Anheuser-Busch pauses making beer to send water to Harvey victims

A furniture store in the city opened its doors to help those made homeless by the flooding

Many companies are stepping up and donating to help

Not to mention the police force, fire department, coast guard, and other rescue teams

here is how you can show kindness in this time of crisis

DONATE.  Money, time, blood, shelter, food, etc. 

Whatever you can give will be well received by those in need.

This is an opportunity for us to look outside ourselves and practice kindness to others.

Here is the consumer report on donating efficiently

Here's a list of reputable charities 




Food Band of Corpus Christi

Houston Food Bank

Houston SPCA

Here's a great article on other ways to donate and help those suffering from Hurricane Harvey