Find Your Ikigai

This isn't something you simply look at have an earth shattering epiphany about the meaning of life.

But it does provide a concise "map" to find the true value of our lives.

If we were starting from scratch, I think it would be best to start from the top down.  Doing what we love will give us the passion and the drive to fulfill the other categories.

However, if someone doesn't have that opportunity, the Ikigai diagram offers 3 other "entry points" to find a meaningful life.

Of course there's no clear directions for finding the "reason for being".  There is no "right" way to find it.  It's not about getting into a certain school, choosing a specific profession, or following someone's advice.

Instead, it requires a great deal of introspection and deep thought.  It's a constant intrinsic process that becomes a way of life.

So if we ever feel lost in life maybe we should look inside for our Ikigai.