The Halloween Get Up

Turkish Get-Ups can be scary. 

It's a deep, dark labyrinth of human movement.  Limbs are flying everywhere.  And there's a heavy weight threatening to crush your skull the entire time.

But it's pretty easy to do after you learn the steps (elbow, hand, sweep through, hinge, pivot, stand).

And there are tons of benefits, such as:

  • It takes you through the developmental progression (the way we did when we first learned movement as infants)
  • It uses a progressive load to grow strength, stability, resiliency, and robustness (and whatever other novel terms the kids are using these days)
  • It's an asymmetrical exercise (can help find and resolve movement imbalances and deficiencies)
  • If you do it in a park or a general gym people think you're a freak show (very appropriate for Halloween)

So face your fears and try a Halloween Get Up.