Good Vibes, Good Health

Positive affect "refers to the extent to which an individual subjectively experiences positive moods such as joy, interest, and alertness."

Asheville, NC - a place with good vibes ( image source )

Asheville, NC - a place with good vibes (image source)

These good vibes aren't just for living the good life.  They also foster good health.  #good

More specifically, recent research is studying how our positive moods can reduce inflammation.

"Research on positive affect and inflammation is relatively new, but several studies have found that greater positive affect, independent of negative affect, is associated with lower levels of circulating inflammatory markers (4647) and stimulated production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (48)." -Chiang et al. 2015

So instead of ruminating or focusing on the negative, we should try to cultivate a positive mood.  It not improves our mind and those around us, but it is also beneficial for our health.