It’s not how many times you fall...

Well, maybe it is. 

Falling down means you’re trying.  It means you’re exploring the limits.  It means you're practicing.

Don't believe me? Watch an infant.  

 “Although most people would assume that infants walk and fall a lot, few would guess that the average toddler takes 2368 steps, travels 701 m—the length of 7.7 American football fields—and falls 17 times per hour.“

That's not to say we should just be knocking our kids over on a schedule.  An important feature of the above study was that this "practice" was not structured.  It wasn't performed at set times.  It wasn't performed with goals or drills.  Instead it was done at random time intervals during open play

So maybe next time we want to achieve something we should act like an infant.  Embrace the failures.  See the falls as an opportunity to practice getting back up.  And most of all, view it as playing instead of achieving.