Diet Tip: Eat Until...

A common problem I have is that I stuff my face until I can't eat anymore.

Put a pizza in front of me and I won't just have a slice or two.  I'll eat until it I'm full.  And if there's one last piece, I'll eat until it's all gone (and my stomach hurts).

Luckily, I only do this a few times a week and with certain cheat foods.  It usually involves beers and a late night order.

I first heard about this concept in the book, Mindless Eating.  The author points out that many people who struggle with weight loss eat until their full with EVERY meal.  Then it becomes a habit.  A neurological addiction of dopamine release.

So if we want to lose weight, maybe we don't need to obsess about not eating something or only eating kale.  Maybe we just need to change our perspective.

Eat Until - AaronSwanson.jpg


No one should go hungry.  We have enough resources in the world to prevent starvation.

Donate to a charity to help feed the kids.

Or go to your local food bank and help out your community.