Want Less Knee Pain? Lose weight through diet and exercise.

knee pain doesn't have to last this long ( image source )

knee pain doesn't have to last this long (image source)

Knee pain is a common problem.

Especially among those who are overweight and/or aging.

But the answer doesn't always have to be medications or a knee replacement.

In fact, new research is proving that exercise and diet can help to reduce compressive forces, lower inflammatory levels, and decrease pain.  It's basic biomechanics and physiology.

"At 18 months, 399 participants (88%) completed the study. Compared with exercise participants, knee compressive forces were lower in diet participants and IL-6 levels were lower in diet and diet + exercise participants."

Plus, the only side effect from diet and exercise is a better quality of life.

Start Small

It's sometime best to start with smaller goals. 

For example, one study showed that every pound of weight loss is equal to 4 less pounds of force on the knee joint.  

So just losing 5lbs will save your knees 20lbs of force!