Cocoa For Your Brain

Who knew something so good could be so good for you?

Research is showing that cocoa is good for your brain.

"cocoa and cocoa-derived products, as a rich source of flavonoids, mainly the flavanols sub-class, have been clearly shown to exert cardiovascular benefits

research investigating the relations between cocoa and cognition shows dose-dependent improvements in general cognition, attention, processing speed, and working memory.

Moreover, cocoa flavanols administration could also enhance normal cognitive functioning and exert a protective role on cognitive performance and cardiovascular function specifically impaired by sleep loss, in healthy subjects.

Together, these findings converge at pointing to cocoa as a new interesting nutraceutical tool to protect human cognition and counteract different types of cognitive decline, thus encouraging further investigation."

I put cacao in my coffee and keep these on hand for my late night sweet tooth.  Plus, now I have the excuse that it's good for my brain.

So add some more cocoa into your diet.  Just make sure you get quality cocoa and avoid the high fructose corn syrup.


Not everyone has the opportunity to fine tune their diet to maximize their human function.

Some don't even have the opportunity for a diet to sustain a normal life.

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