Paradigms, Captivity, & Japanese Multiplication

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We all have our own paradigms.

Sometimes we know what they are.  Other times we don't.

When we know there are other paradigms (i.e. options) it allows us freedom. 

The more paradigms we're aware of, the greater the freedom.

When we think there is only one way (i.e. sole paradigm) it forces us into captivity.

Japanese Multiplication

This was mindblowing to me.

I should have known that the language of the universe had more than one method...( image source )

I should have known that the language of the universe had more than one method...(image source)

I didn't even know this paradigm existed.

Think about how many kids that are "bad at multiplication" just needed another paradigm. 

Think about how many wouldn't be stagnant or delayed by forcing through a paradigm that didn't work for them.

Paradigms, Captivity, & Injuries

Often when we get injured we search for explanations.  A reason why we're suffering.

After all, cognitions are just post-hoc justifications for feelings and intuitions.

Sometimes this leads to positive behaviors (altering postures, changing diet, managing stress, etc.).  But other times it sends us into a downward spiral.

What makes the difference?

As mentioned early, when we have options, we have freedom.

When we have a sole reason (belief), we have captivity.

In the process of making sense of why we hurt, we can often become attached to finding the "one reason why things are the way they are".

The problem with this is that it prevents the ability to use other paradigms to improve our health and reduce suffering.

For example, in clinical practice I often see someone with chronic low back pain who has been suffering for 30 years because of a "blow disc" they suffered when they were teenagers.

This belief, or limited paradigm, prevents them from accessing many of the different explicit and implicit resources for achieving pain free living.

They won't be open to:

...just to name a few.

The patients that are caught up in the paradigm of "the MRI showed..." will never get better.  They'll be captive inside their beliefs.  Despite this paradigm being proven wrong in research.

(image source)

(image source)

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