TGUs Before You Have a Baby

Being a new parent can be hard for many reasons.

One of them is that all of a sudden you’re doing a ton of new movements. Carrying a little weight on your waist for hours, staring down for 90% of the day, and getting up off the ground with a little 20 pound bundle of joy.

Then there’s the Milo effect…they get heavier with time.

It’s only been 11 months with our baby, but I’ve had to move in many ways I didn’t expect.

One thing that helped tremendously was my kettlebell training. Specifically, the Turkish Get-Up (TGU). Where you have to get up off the ground with a weight in your hand. I’ve been getting these daily with Remi.

So if your currently expecting, already have a baby, or just want to get strong, you should train the kettlebell TGU. Your baby and your body will thank you for it.

And if you need help with kettlebell training give us a call here in Asheville.