Tennis Movement Screen

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Studies show that if you play tennis for 3 hours a week then you will likely get at least one injury every two years.  And these studies were done on healthy individuals with no history of previous injuries!

While preventing injuries is a complex issue that deals with many variables, we know that if you move well than you'll be less likely to put yourself in a compromised position for an injury to occur.

How do you make sure you move well?

You see a physical therapist for a movement screen.  

What's a movement screen?

A movement screen is simply a series of physical tests to determine the injury risk, physical impairments, and performance potential of an individual.

Furthermore, if you want to make sure move well enough for a specific sport than you should get screened for that specific sport.

As avid tennis players (even though our skills don't show it), we have a fundamental knowledge of the physical requirements to play tennis competitively.  When backed up with biomechanical research and injury incidence reports it leads to a clear picture of what is needed to avoid injury and improve performance.

This experience and knowledge led us to create our own tennis specific movement screen.  Our goal is simply to help people continue to play injury free tennis for as long as they desire.

We want to help people prevent these injuries before they occur.

So we're offering free screens in the Atlanta area for a limited time.  Contact us if you or your club is interested.

We're very excited to start our goal of preventing injuries tomorrow at Fieldstone Tennis Center and would like to thank all the pros, especially Tricia Hanson for her work to make sure her players can get screened to prevent injuries.